Sarah and I have known each other for quite a while now, and after going through nursing school together, we both somehow managed to end up working in the same hospital and even in the same unit! While being able to work in the same unit with a friend has been such a big blessing, work does get extremely stressful. So last month, we both decided to take a week off of work and go to San Francisco to do what we both do best- find the best places to eat. Haha. 

Here's what we ended up doing! 

Our trip was 5 days long and we weren't in a rush to get to San Francisco from Los Angeles, so we decided to take our time driving up. 

Our first stop was San Luis Obispo where we had lunch at Taste Catering and Eatery! Their sliders were amazing.

Next up was Scout Coffee. Sarah and I are both coffee lovers and we tried to see how many coffee shops we can go to in five days. This was our first stop! 

Everyone knows about the gum wall in Seattle. But did you guys know that SLO has its own gum wall too?! I've been wanting to put a piece of gum on a gum wall in years so when this opportunity came up, I was so excited. 

Aaaaaand there's mine! Right under the Trident wrapper. So fresh. So green. Goal met. 

After a bit more driving, we finally made it to San Francisco. 

The next day was our first official day of exploring the city. 

Our first stop for the day was Tartine. We've both been anticipating this bakery for several weeks before our trip because we'd heard just how good it was. There's usually a line that you have to wait in to order, and to our surprise, we only waited about 20 minutes that morning. So worth waiting in line for!  

This is me in front of our breakfast spread! We might have ordered a little bit too much for two people but it's so hard to resist once you see their selection laid out right in front of you. I'm so glad though that we got to try a little bit of everything because everything was literally SO. GOOD. 

Definitely a must-try when you're in SF! 

After breakfast, we explored the California Academy of Sciences for a little bit. 

The next stop was Twin Peaks. I love the view from the city from up here. And this visit was actually my first time up here where the view wasn't covered in fog (which was the case the last two times I was up here)! 

We then had lunch at MAC'D. If you've never had crab mac and cheese, you should. 

We couldn't let another day end without getting more coffee! This one was at The Mill, one of the most well-known coffee shops in SF, in my opinion. 

Coffee on point. Aesthetics on point. 

Side note: Sarah and I kept on pointing out to each other how relaxed we looked on this trip, which is a rare occasion these days, because usually we're so used seeing each other stressed out at work. Haha. 

The next day, we did our most touristy event of this trip: walk on the Golden Gate Bridge. 

Afterwards, we headed to Muir Woods! This has been on my list too for the longest time. Being able to walk amongst the giant redwoods was humbling, and seeing those beams of light shine through the trees was absolutely breathtaking. 

This brings me to the last photo of the trip from my camera.  

Taken at Ritual Coffee on our fourth day (of course, we had to get more caffeine in us!). Thanks for taking it, Sarah! 

Before I end this blog post though, I just want to give special mention to the other amazing food that we had the chance to try. So amazing that I didn't even have the energy to whip my camera out, so here's photos from my handy dandy iPhone instead. 


Can we talk about their wings?!  We had it for dinner on our second night there and it was so good that I feel like I mentioned that I want to go back and get some more every single day after that. Haha. We actually did end up coming back on our very last day. We took home 5 boxes of wings back with us to LA. It was that good. 

Also very highly recommended was Hog Island Oyster Co. at the Ferry Building. Definitely the freshest oysters I've ever eaten! 

In the Ferry Building was also another highly recommended stop, Humphry Slocombe! If you know me, ice cream is one of my favorite foods and their ice cream did not disappoint! 

(Kansha is still #1 in my heart though. Haha.)

For our last night in SF, Sarah and I wanted to go out to a nice dinner. I'm so glad we came across Marlowe because it seriously was one of THE best meals of my life. I've been searching for good bone marrow in LA for the longest time and haven't been able to find any. Turns out it was here in SF all along! 

Seriously, it was so good that we ordered another plate of it during our meal. The rest of the things we ordered were also extremely delicious. 

Like it's SO good that I'm willing to drive to SF just to eat here again. Just saying.

Marlowe. 10/10. Would recommend. 

For our fifth and last morning there, we couldn't leave without paying a visit to the original Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. We've been to the one in LA, but going to the one in SF also on our list. So before heading home, we each picked up a box of treats to take home with us. 

And that concludes our mini-vacation! We had so much good food and ended up going to six coffee shops in total. The best part is I got to spend it with a friend, and that we got to step away from work, even if it was only a few days. 

Til the next one!